Youtube is a kind of search engine

Greetings, dear readers. In today’s article I will tell you how to wind up views on Youtube for free and, at the same time, not get banned. I have already come across those who commit various stupid things and, then, suffer from various sanctions from YouTube and Google — I want to save you from this.

So, cheap youtube views panel.

As you can imagine, the high popularity of the site also attracts a large volume of people who want to advance at its expense. Every day, a huge number of videos are uploaded to this video hosting, among which yours can simply get lost.


Youtube is a kind of search engine. Inside the site, there is a system for determining relevant content, in simple terms, this means that the service is looking for the most suitable videos for the request entered by the user. Just like Yandex searches for information on pages, YouTube searches for information in its video base. There can be many suitable videos, but there is a limited number of places on the first page and it is not always easy to get there.

Among those parameters that affect the video rating are such as the correspondence of the video description to the request, the age of the owner’s channel and the video itself, the average viewing duration, and many others. I have plans for the future to make a detailed guide to popularize videos. Fortunately, there is already a positive experience (now my channel is viewed daily by more than 600 people), all that remains is to systematize all the information.

So, back to the topic of the article. One of the factors that is used to determine the place of a video in the SERP is its past popularity, i.e. the number of people who have watched the video before. And videos that have already received views on youtube in the past take precedence. Not that this is decisive, but if two clips have the same other metrics, the one that gets the most views earlier will be higher.

This is exactly what the promotion is done for — in order to outplay competitors. Of course, such a promotion is not needed for all topics, but since you are reading an article, then this is relevant for your videos.



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